All Tomorrow’s Parties | Iceland 2014

A repurposed NATO base in Keflavik, Iceland. Taken over by thousands of people, losing their minds in unison. This is All Tomorrow’s Parties 2014. ATP has been changing the way we think about festivals since the early 2000’s. Always the best lineups. A wonderful disregard for ‘festival genre’ limitations. It’s the least douchiest party you’ve ever imagined. I’m always blown away by the quality of people that attend ATP.

Spiritualized made a last minute, once-in-a-lifetime performance as ‘Spiritualized Acoustic Mainline’, after SWANS had to cancel. Regardless of the bad video quality, you can tell from this performance of ‘Lord can you hear me’, it was a pretty special experience. Here’s my highlights of ATP Iceland 2014.

Mogwai, ‘Mogwai Fear Satan’

Low, ‘Sunflower’

Steve Albini & Shellac, killing it always, with ‘Wingwalker’

Spiritualized Acoustic Mainline, ‘Lord can you hear me’

Portishead, ‘The Rip’

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