The Lounge  | Tulsa, OK

There’s a secret lounge in downtown Tulsa.

And this speakeasy style steakhouse is all about quality, family style meals, all ensconced in yesteryear kitsch.
There’s certainly an air of secrecy associated with the experience. Access is via the alley behind the building. A lone bull hangs sentry, above the entry. Otherwise, there’s no indicator of the lush interior behind the green door.

Large, comfortable, circular booths surround the room, with tables in back. Bombastic starburst chandeliers are strewn throughout, setting the mood with ambient color temperature.

The motif reminds me a a sorely missed bar/venue from the Blue Dome district, The Continental. As is The Lounge, it was a McNellie’s Group venture. A welcome progression.

Inside The Lounge’s circular bar, pianist Jon Glazer performs some familiar selections. Eliciting irregular applause, he channels the supper club lounge singer of days passed.

A roving martini cart visits each table, once seated. Mixed table side to your liking. I tend to prefer them filthy. And my martinis are no different.

The Lounges’ specialty is prime steak, grass-fed. Not aged, contrary to current trends.

The menu is deliberately simple. I’m always impressed when I see minimal selections. It suggests a mastery of the dishes. A concentration of purpose.

After drinks, we started with the wedge salad with blue cheese, and lobster bisque. Both were excellent examples.

This was followed by the escargot; which were delicious. The best prepared i’ve experienced in Tulsa. On par with any i’ve had in Paris.

Our porterhouse for two arrived, cooked exactly as requested. Each of the cuts were pre-sliced to facilitate easy sharing. Centerstage is a sear-iously delicious salt and pepper micro crust; a product of it’s high temp(1400°) preparation. This steak is more tender than an angel that just fell out of heaven. This steak is the best i’ve had.

Served alongside the main course, were the delightful burgundy mushrooms and Potatoes Egan. The starch was a novel take, inspired by David Egan of Cattlemen’s Steakhouse. A lemony outer crunch encases the twice-fried payload. Excitement is warranted.

They serve a foot tall “slice” of chocolate cake. Very good. It comfortably feeds around six people.

The Lounge has a fresh, but familiar quality. You may recognize a few faces that helped develop the greatness of it’s progenitor, The Tavern. They’re now putting the same energy into this Brady District hotspot.

The Lounge is open for dinner Monday through Saturday until 1am.

TL;DR version:

Get The Porterhouse.

Get the Potatoes Egan.



Best Ever.


201 N Main Street

(918) 949-9803

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