Morimoto | Las Vegas, NV

It’s just a few days until Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s grand opening in Vegas. We sat down tonight to flex the menu a bit. We were not disappointed.

Originally planned for a different host property, Morimoto’s Vegas location is now fully realized at the MGM Grand.

Located in the spot previously occupied by Shibuya, Morimoto has retained a high percentage of the seasoned Shibuya staff

We started our meal with a signature beer from Rogue brewing, the Morimoto Hazelnut. A very pleasing 22 oz. brown ale.

The service was very attentive; professional, but personal. This is the type of service for which you would hope, and my expectations were met.

To start, Kim and I had the Laksa Noodle Soup. A pretty damn delightful coconut curry base, with ground pork, egg noodles, and a generous garnish of saffron.

Immaculate Waygu beef

Waygu beef and other entrees called out from the menu, but I really had my heart set on some legit sushi, state-side. They have all my favorites; oh toro/fatty tuna, unagi/fresh water eel, ebi/shrimp, uni/sea urchin, tamago/egg sushi, as well as mizudako, described as live octopus. This got my attention, but before I could get too excited, I was informed that it was only shipped and received live, but was not served still living. Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic, but I love the idea of eating something that not only has the chance of actively retaliating, but in doing so could possibly even kill me. Oh well. They may want to change the description to just fresh octopus.

I found all of the sushi to be extremely agreeable, with the highlight being the fatty tuna. This was not unexpected, and it was a lovely confirmation.

Though comfortably full and happy, we decided to finish our meal with the flagship dessert, the firey chocolate tart. This dark chocolate sphere is presented by pouring flaming Bacardi 151 rum over it, slowly imploding the ball(see video below) to reveal the hidden payload of marshmallow froth, dark chocolate sorbet, and salty caramel ganache. Surrounded by a landscape of varied chocolateness, it’s easily shareable for 2-3 people. We were so very impressed.

A majestic glut of chocolate choices

Morimoto’s Grand Opening is this Thursday, November 3rd. Put it on your list of things to do next time you’re in Vegas.

Cheers to Morimoto! Cheers to the couple seated next to us! You treated us very kindly.

Looking forward to our next visit.

[Now let’s watch that chocolate sphere melt]



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