DRINK | Boston, MA US

Drink is located in a two-quarter basement directly below the restaurant, Sportello in the Waterfront area in Boston.

It is the utter definition of a cocktail bar, minus the bullshit. A lot of work goes into appearing effortless, and Drink’s subterranean decor and comfortable atmosphere drives home that point.

The bartenders know their shit. I would use the term “Mixologists”, but I’m kind of over that. Which is no slight to these folks, in fact, just the opposite. When you’re here, you put yourself in their masterful hands. Just tell them the type of drink to which you normally gravitate, and they will make something better. Guaranteed.

Not unlike a proper Negroni, we had the bittersweet pleasure of meeting Josey, a long timer whom is working her final shift at Drink. She quizzed me on my preference; I’m a Manhattan connoisseur. She quickly suggested a 3 to 1 Rye Manhattan with a lemon twist. I gladly agreed, knowing I was in for a treat. The result was easily one of the most balanced, exceptional Manhattans I’ve ever enjoyed.

Being that this was Josey’s last day/shift, she’d whipped up a batch of her signature egg nog.

As patrons during this landmark day, we were even gifted with the recipe.
This was the strongest, most nuanced egg nog I’ve experienced, topping even the egg liqueur at NOMA. According to Josey, It’s a seven hour preparation, including two separate waiting periods, prior to the finish. Unbelievable.

Boston, you are not failing so hard right now.
So, cheers to Drink. Keep up the amazing quality. And cheers Josey, we’ll look for you next time at your new adventure, Bar Mezzana.

Now it’s time to head to the Boston Logan airport; Kim and I depart for Iceland shortly.

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